Our Story

Untethering the Device-Dependent User Experience, One Application at a TimeSM

Introducing IntrafaciX™


Over the last 15 years, Technatomy® has developed a full range of solutions in health IT, homeland security, and defense and logistics — from emergency room operations, to identity management, to SmartForms.

We are leveraging our vast experience to rapidly develop and bring to market new solutions through IntrafaciX™.

With IntrafaciX™, agencies and organizations will be more efficient and informed — and their connected constituents and customers will enjoy faster transactions, better services, and higher quality user experiences.

IntrafaciX™. We’re the R&D division of Technatomy, and our mission is to unify the enterprise through the consistent development of shared applications, interfaces, user experiences, and data interoperability in a device-agnostic environment. Not only can we do this. We must.